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Wheat In Glass

The last couple of weeks has seen me going through the design process of a new print and its taken me a while to come to something I'm happy with. The design evolved from a simple exercise in mark making and a one colour print (I was looking for something simple after the 'Carefree' print) into a full blown reduction print with many luminous colours. Whilst working up the print i rediscovered an old stained glass sun catcher that i made in a workshop sometime ago and the print very much leant itself to that style so it has evolved into something akin to a stained glass window, or at least that's my intention. This is just where the image led me, so who am i to ignore the creative flow, this could take a few weeks in the making so watch this space.

The sketched image started here (left) and ended up here (right). A bit different, right?

I often sketch out my ideas on paper and then turn to my iPad for experimenting with the colours. This part of the process helps me settle on a colour scheme without wasting endless amounts of paper and is also something productive (and clean) I can do when I'm at home in the evenings.

So in the studio this week I've been experimenting with the lino in creating a stained glass effects and seeing the results, i think there are a couple I'm going to use, so it could be a very busy, bright and challenging print.

Wish me luck folks!

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