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Tracey is a printmaker and artist, who specialises in lino printing.  She finds herself returning to her artistic roots after a 15 year career in the electricity industry, following a BSc (Hons) in Mathematical Sciences.  Tracey had previously studied a Foundation in Art & Design at the Kent Institute of Art and Design (KIAD) and has also studied Graphical Communication.

Tracey aims to create images that evoke memories of times and places, wishing to bring forward emotions and feelings from a time gone by.  She particularly finds herself focusing on children and childhood memories and takes inspiration from everyday life.

Tracey designs and creates each print with care and precision, and usually prints a limited edition of each design and due to the nature of the process, each piece has their own subtle individualities.  She does accept commissions, which makes receiving a piece of her artwork particularly special.  In addition, she is also broadening her work into children's book writing and illustration, using both lino printing and other mediums to create the imagery.

Tracey creates her work because she just can't not create things, it is part of who she is.  Constantly seeing the beauty in everyday moments and how that could be translated into a piece of work, the ideas are almost too many to keep up with.

Tracey lives in Oxfordshire with her husband and two girls and works out of her home studio and is currently developing a body of work for sale.  When not in the studio or spending time with her family, Tracey also has a small obsession with trying lots of different types of arts and crafts, she always has a new projects on the go.

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