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The Road to Artweeks

It‘s been a while….….and it’s because I’ve been so flat out creating new work with the aim of exhibiting as a part of Oxfordshires Artweeks this year. this has been something I’ve promised myself I’ll do for years. Now the time is close and the exhibit goes up this Friday ready for opening on Saturday, all the printing work is done and it’s last week prep work, mounting, framing, setting up the stand, packing up cards, leaflets and so much more that you never realise goes into these things.

I’m exhibiting at St Blaise Church in Milton, just off the A34, with 5 other artists, two painters, a potter, a weaver and another printmaker. It’s free to enter and I believe the lovely people at the church are planning to offer refreshments for our visitors, so i encourage you all to pop along and see us, our artistic endeavours and maybe even partake in a spot of tea and a slice of cake, there is even a lovely pub next door so what more could you ask for. We’re open from 11-5 on Sat 14th, 12-5 on Sun 15th, 11-5 Wed - Fri (18-20th), 3.45 - 7 on Saturday 21st, as there is a wedding in the morning and then 12-5 on Sun 22nd, and I’m really looking forward to seeing some familiar faces, as well as some new ones.

Now that the plug is out of the way, what have I actually been up to.…..

The Cornish Waters collection, 3 semi abstract prints inspired by a holiday by the beautiful beaches of Cornwall. Here’s a peak at Cornish Waters I below….. it had some fabulously fiddly curves to cut, loving the outcome though.

A collection of ‘In Glass’ prints, inspired by nature and stained glass windows. I printed the first some time back called ‘Wheat In Glass’ which I posted about and that is now joined by ‘Leaves In Glass‘, ‘Hyacinths In Glass’ and ‘Tulips in Glass’. The two smaller ones are below all smartened up Ready for the show and I’m holding on to ‘Leaves In Glass’ to reveal in the exhibit.

A collection of Mini Bees, an abstract set of prints, the Mini Bee - Rose, Mini Bee - Daisy, Mini Bee - Chrysanthemum and Mini Bee - Cornflower. Mini Bee - Rose is below. I’m so in love with these little prints, a mere 8cm x 11cm, great to work on and for the rest you’ll have to come visit.

I also have additions to the black and white childhood memories collection, ‘Swings‘ and ‘Little Fairy’ and a floral version of the Hokusai wave, which is something a bit different that I was experimenting with.

That’s all for now and I’ll check back in after, or maybe during artweeks, we’ll see how things go. Wish me luck!

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