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Quietly Busy....

Over the last few weeks, and probably the next few, I have been mainly working on my commissioned projects. But the urge to create new things creeps in and the evenings give way to sketching, now armed with a folder full of ideas getting bigger by the day but i have one problem. If i start any of them now I have no room to put them. So it looks like my next job will be to clear out the drying racks, mount all the pieces that have been done so far and update the website gallery and shop, clearing the decks for the next wave of projects. It's something I've been putting off but it must be done, it's not all glam you know!

Once I get through the housekeeping jobs it's time to decide which one is next, which is a much more exciting prospect. The sketchy tulips, my meadow version of the famous Hokusai wave or a nursery print of my little monsters, digitally sketched whilst both of my little monsters tried to assist in the drawing process, multitasking at its best! Anyway decisions to make, although you never know, there could be another idea that pops up and distracts me along the way.

That's it for now, take care everyone/.

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