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Ugly Duckling!

This week has been about getting the next layers on both the 'Wheat In Glass' print and the 'Rollercoaster ' print. There is only one or two layers to go on each now so the image is really starting to emerge now.

The 'Rollercoaster' print is going through its' ugly stage. I keep hearing printmakers say that a print of many layers will usually go through a stage of 'this is going to be amazing', followed by at some point, 'I hate this print', to then hopefully, the 'oh its turned out great stage'. I'm currently in the hating this layer stage. The layer i printed this week is the dark brown layer and it's quite imposing and jars a bit with the other more subtle colours but I have to keep reminding myself that the last couple of layers actually cover up a lot of that dark brown and there is only small elements of the dark brown in the final print, just as i designed it, but right now it's my ugly duckling.

The 'Wheat In Glass' print also has another layer and this I think has passed the ugly duckling stage and is coming together nicely. I have decided to change the last couple of layers from the original plan, it was intended to have bright green stems, however i think it works much better with the darker stems and limiting the colour palette. I love a good bright colour scheme but adding the green to the already vibrant print seemed a step too far.

It's been a busy week so it's now time to sign off for the weekend, take care folks.

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