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The Unknown 2021

Well we're now in 2021 and I spent the new year planning my way towards my first in studio exhibition as a part of Oxfordshire Art Weeks and it was a very exciting thought. Then a week later I find myself homeschooling my two girls and back in lockdown, so I'm pretty sure a physical exhibition will not practically take place this May, whether due to the current health crisis keeping venues closed or to the lack of readiness on my part due to the school of Mum. But.... nonetheless I want to keep moving forward, getting a head start on future plans, and i have some new pieces that i am keen to start the new year with, although you may still see me dipping back into some old projects to finish them off from time to time.

So the new pieces.......

Last Christmas I found this wonderfully carved wooden slab in my local Aladdins' cave of antique and collectable shops.

It had no artists name with it or on it and I don't seem to be able to find an image online to identify it, so I don't know its' providence but from the minute i saw it, it said something to me and eventually i purchased it and home it came. For some people they see a disastrously sad scene of lifeboats and for some they see a fairground ride, and the fact that you could see both sides in it really intrigued me. It has since inspired me to design some roller coaster pieces, that will go alongside some other fairground carnival pieces I've had planned for some time. So watch this space over the coming weeks for the development of the coaster prints.

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