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The Rose - Next Layer

Well I've been quite busy since the last blog, with getting the next layer printed. It has taken a few long days in the making. However, it was worth it, as this is proving to be an exciting layer. You can start to see the form of the rose here, particularly in the yellow print. On the other hand, the bright gradient layer proved a little trickier, especially when I realised that my long ink roller is not as straight as i thought.................

Ink gradient for the bright layer

The bright rose and the yellow rose have been treated differently on their second layers. The bright rose has this all over riot of colour and for the yellow rose, the lino block is cut again to show more of the first layer.

Second Layer

There are two exciting results from this second layer. Firstly, i am loving the shapes that are forming on the yellow rose and I'm looking forward to seeing the subsequent layers build on the details. Secondly, the bright rose is going to be a varied edition as i have played with the application of the colour at this stage, to see what different looks i can achieve.

Watch out for the next print session, it will focus on the bright version..

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