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The Rose - Layer 3 or 3 and 4

The next layers of the Rose print have been proving a little trickier, as you know I've been running two colour variations of the same Rose print, and as such i needed to treat the two versions differently at this point. One print needed different parts of the lino cut away to the other at different times, each proving the other unfinishable. In order to get around this i decided to create a mask for the next part of the Bright version and then continue the yellow print in the normal reduction print way.

Here is the lino block with the mask in place. and the resulting bright print.

A have learnt two important lessons from this.........and that is, 1. I'm not keen on using masks, it was tricky to ink and some of the versions didn't have crisp enough edges for my liking, rendering a few of the print run unuseable, and 2. Don't try to do to much with one lino block, especially if the different versions require different cutting orders.

And so....... back to the Yellow version.

The yellow version has had two more layers printed. You can see the progression below, and a much more satisfying result.

Last Time, Layer 3, Layer 4.

Next Layers will be the final print, where i plan to add some more shadows to the prints. See you next time.....

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