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The Rose is Finished - Final Layers.

I've been busy with the final layers of the rose prints this week, and some of the prints didn't make the cut but I'm left with a nice varied edition of seven prints. So here is this weeks progress......

The lino cut plate has now been reduced down to the smallest of pieces, to pick up some shadows on the roses, not much lino left now........we're nearly there....

And now the bright, the yellow and the new yellow on white version are complete, and are drying in the studio. A small yet satisfying collection.

As always i have learnt a few things along the way, so here are a couple of tips I've learnt this week. A few of the prints had to be discarded, heartbreaking, as i had too many unwanted chatter lines appear in the top left hand corner of the print, or top right hand corner if you are looking at the lino block above. So either cut away any blank areas that are external to the print then it definitely won't get inked and ruin your print, or be meticulous in removing any unwanted ink spots on the block before printing, it sounds obvious but it's easily missed, I will not fall for it again.....however........

Here are the final prints, mounted and looking ready to go. (

Now its time to put my feet up with a glass of something nice and contemplate the next print, and in the mean time I'll be progressing with illustrating my children's story book, Midsummer's Magic.

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