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Rose Print - Beginnings - First stages of a new print.

I have wanted to do a close up view of a rose for a while now. I have been doing a few wedding prints where roses have featured heavily but in a much less detail and in this print I wanted to focus on the gorgeous forms and shapes encapsulated in one single bloom.

Planning sketch for 'The Rose'

For 'The Rose' print I am planning two very different colour variations, which i am going to print along side each other. One being a simple yet beautiful yellow rose and the other being an outrageous colour explosion of bright pinks, purples and oranges.

Printing the first layer..........

Below you can see the first layer of the yellow rose which has a graduated colour as a base, the lino block and the third is a flat cream base layer for the bright print.

Not too exciting at this stage but the next layer should really start to bring the prints alive.

Watch this space.............................

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