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Ribbons, Bows and Wrapping

I'm continuing to work on the Christmas Ribbons, Bows and Wrappings Wreath design this week. After doing some test prints, and deciding on a few tweaks here and there, it's now ready to print. They will be available in my shop in plenty of time for next Christmas.....yes that's next christmas....note to self: start Christmas prints a lot earlier next year.


There are many steps that i go through when designing a print I'm happy with and often feel the need to tweak things as i go. Some test prints and changes are made as I go, for example, deciding on colour variations.

As you can see here the first set of prints are just shades of one colour, which graphically i really liked but didn't feel festive enough.

I then investigated the use of more colours, using my pad and drawing program, seen here, and I've now decided to cut the lino plate, allowing inking of the bow and lettering in isolation and allow more colour separation.

Here is the Ribbons, Bows and Wrappings wreath print test so far, still a few more design and colour tweaks to get right but I'm close!

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