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It's been a while.!

Hi folks,

It’s been a while since my last post, and since that I have finally finished 'Wheat In Glass' and 'Rollercoaster'. I'm pretty please with them both, they are both now dry and ready to be mounted and then popped in my shop. It's really great to finally finish pieces that have quite a few layers, particularly the 'Wheat In Glass' print seems to have been going for some time, the trouble is i think it needs to be one of two so i think i might have to do a second 'In Glass' print, I have some ideas for this but it may not get started for a while yet, I need to get over the first one!

So what else have i been up to......I have a pair of prints to do for a commission, quite large pieces, which is an exciting prospect. They are currently on 1st and 2nd layers respectively, but I won't publish any details until they've been received by my customer, sometime over the summer. I have printed a small 50th Anniversary print for my in-laws golden wedding anniversary and been working on a couple of entries for print competitions, one for the Awagami Mini Print Exhibition/Competition in Japan (I submitted the peach and purple one after much deliberation)

and another for the pressing matters print magazine here in the UK, which has resulted in another commission already so that's good news.

Oh and one more thing, I've added a small print for my nursery collection, 'Teddies', which i hope to get onto Etsy by the end of the summer.

So I may have been quiet but there is lots going on, some i can share now and some will have to wait.....for now.

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