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Christmas Wreath Poster Prints are finally finished!

I'm finally happy with all the colour variations and compositions of the two Christmas wreath prints, all proofed and they are now ready for editioning next year. Bring on Christmas 2021! I'll be ready!!

i am happy to present 'Ribbons, Bows and Wrappings' (4 colour ways) and 'Cookies, Cocoa and Candy Canes' (2 colour ways).

.....And back to Christmas 2020! This is the last printing I'm going to be doing until the new year, so things may be a little quiet on that front. I'm going to concentrate on Christmas at home with my family, sorting out activities for the Kids, finishing off making Christmas gifts, picking up some of my illustration work and making plans for next year.

So I'd like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas season, stay safe and be hopeful for what 2021 holds for us.

Merry Christmas


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