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Here is my new print which I'm calling Carefree (I think), other titles included Pure Joy and Freedom, which seemed quite apt in the current climate, but i think I've settled on Carefree. It depicts a girl running and spinning through fields, totally carefree, free from all worries and responsibilities, just enjoying the moment. I can almost feel the breeze.

The print is a two lino print, with a three layer reduction on one and two layers on the other and measures approximately 26.5cm by 37cm.. The registration was tricky, particularly between the two different pieces of lino but I'm very pleased with the results.

It also reminds me of a cross between Alice in Wonderland (the blue dress and blond hair) and the Wizard of Oz (the yellow, and green, brick road), none of which were intentional.

You'll be able to find this print in my online shop shortly.

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