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Personalised Alphabet Zoo Prints  - from £20

Personalised Alphabet Zoo Prints - from £20


The personalised Alphabet Zoo prints are a lovely edition to any nursery or childs bedroom.   Each letter of their name is represented by a phoneticly correct alphabet animal, which will also help your child learn how to spell their name as they grow.  They are provided in an off white mount to a standard photo frame size, sizes detailed at the bottom of the descption.


The Alphabet Zoo animals and colours used are from the reference photo shown (unless otherwise requested)  with the corresponding letters below as per the 'CHLOE' example.


These are handmade to order, so will take approximately 3 weeks to arrive to allow for ink drying time before posting.


Further customisation instructions:

1. Enter the name in the personalisation box with no spaces unless you actually want a spaace. Dash - is the only special character available, please count this as a letter when choosing the number of letters required.

2. Colours will be as in the reference photo unless otherwise requested by writing COLOUR CHANGE after the name in the personalisation box.

3. If you have multiples of the same letter in the name and you would like to have different animals, then write DIFFERENT after the name in the personalisation box.

4.  If any changes are requested to the reference animals or colours I will email a design of the print to you to confirm its correct and will start the print upon your approval.

5.  For any other requests including a quote with my very special rainbow frames please get in touch via the contact page.


Size of print once mounted depends on the number of letters required.


3 letters - 12 x 9 inches

4 letters 14 x 10 inches

5 letters 16 x 9 inches

6 letters 18 x 10 inches

7 letters 20 x 10 inches

8 letters 22 x 10 inches

9 letters 24 x 10 inches

10 letters 26 x 10 inches

11 letters 28 x 10 inches

12 letters 30 x 10 inches.


The example of the framed versions are shown for ilustrative purposes only, the listing is for the mounted version only.  Frame not included.


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