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It's been a good week!

What does a cold laminator, a long piece of acrylic (donated from hubbies stash of materials), two long pieces of lino, a ruler, some double sided tape, half a floor tile and two stacks of books make? Not a joke I'm afraid but a really good table top printing press is the answer.

I have finally got it set up how i want and it has given me consistently good results on the first layer of my new rollercoaster print.

I can see far less misprints and patchy printing in my future and it's saving me a ton of time too. It is a very good week...............and now I've got this one set up, I happen to have found a bigger one which would allow me to make larger prints. The question is how long can i resist buying it?

Oh and if you can't see the books, that's because they're under the lino in the middle, acting as a prop to keep the heavy piece of acrylic from tipping the roller press over. DIY at its best!

Have a great weekend everyone, stay safe.

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